Prepare the Surface
Building paper should be applied to all exterior wood surfaces before applying metal
lath. Install a metal lath to all surfaces except unpainted and untreated masonry surfaces
such as brick or block. On masonry walls, apply SP-1 water proofing or equivalent.
On metal surfaces, attach the metal lath with self tapping screws every 16 inches.
On wood surfaces, attach the metal lath by nailing or stapling on centers every 6 inches,
hitting studs whenever possible. Always attach metal lath right side up with small cups
pointing upward.

Apply Mortar to Wall
Apply a thin coat of mortar to the wall, 1/8” – 1/4” thick, mix mortar with just enough
water for workable consistency.

Apply Mortar to Stone
Apply a thin coat of mortar to the stone, 1/8” – 1/4” thick. Lay out stones at random.
Install corner stones first. Remaining stones should be applied by working from the
bottom up or top down. Joints between the stones should be as tight and uniform as
possible. Press stone firmly into place with a gentle wiggling motion to promote bonding.
The mortar on the back of the stone should squeeze out and surround the stone.

Remove/Dress Excess Mortar
Once mortar joints are firm, use a wooden or metal striking tool and remove excess
mortar. At the same time, firmly press mortar into the joints so edges of stone are
thoroughly sealed.

Clean Stone
Clean any remaining mortar off face of stones with a wire brush. Never let mortar set
overnight before brushing joints.

Brush Joints/Completion
Use a whisk broom to brush mortar joints until smooth and loose mortar has been
brushed away.


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